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We develop solutions that work reliably and remain expandable for generations to come.

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Meticulously designed; solutions built to last

We provide our customers with engineering solutions that work reliably and retain compatibility and expandability for generations to come. Our interdisciplinary teams keep every detail of your custom solution in focus, so that it will serve you reliably over the very-long-term. By retaining independence from single manufacturers, we have the freedom to always choose the very best solution for your project, while always keeping the system-level goals in sight.  

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In order to meet today's security requirements, 17 years after the installation by F&S, a generational change of the existing Passenger Control System (PSS) in Terminal 2 of Munich Airport became necessary. The PSS controls and monitors passenger traffic between gate and aircraft or bus during the boarding or de-boarding process.

Photo: ©Flughafen München GmbH

System-level solutions

We provide you with highly personalized and continuous support, which is why we understand your project and expectations during each and every project phase. Thanks to our unique company structure, we are highly flexible and react quickly to serve your individual needs.

System solutions

F&S Quality Management

The quality management system which we introduced in May of 2001 ensures that our products and processes are closely controlled and continually improved. We are highly dedicated to the idea that each and every team-member contributes to the evolution of our products and processes.