Permanently solved.

Synergy instead of hierarchy

With the coporate connected F&S-Group, we have realized the founding idea of using synergies from specialized and lean competence centers to create complex solutions. Due to the cooperation of F&S PROZESSAUTOMATION GmbH (1990), E&A Elektrotechnik und Automatisierung GmbH (2003) and F&S converter GmbH (2014), several shoulders bear responsibility.

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Meticulously designed

We don't think in terms of individual departments. Our solutions are developed in interdisciplinary engineering teams. This is how we create solutions that offer our costumers lasting benefits for their business.

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Solutions, built to last

We provide our customers with engineering solutions that work reliably and retain compatibility and expandability for generations to come. This is possible because we are an owner-operated company, independent of the stock market, and able to look beyond the next quarterly result. That's how we have the space to create lasting solutions whose approaches are not commercially trapped within the framework of individual projects.

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Manufacturer independence

By retaining independence from single manufacturers, our view is free from the limitations of a product portfolio. The focus is on a sustainable solution for our customers who, e. g. as operators of infrastructure networks, are planning in decades. Availability and maintainbility must be ensured around the clock in basically system-heterogeneous networks with dynamic changes. This necessarily shift priorities to generation- and brand-neutral engineering approaches, which are subordinated to the choice of currently available products.

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Keeping an eye on the bigger picture

With each and every project, our interdisciplinary engineering teams always have your system as a whole in mind. This eliminates high follow-up costs, and enables solutions that keep working and remain expandable for decades. In the knowledge that the costs in the life cycle of infrastructure facilities, the initial investment in these facilities can well reach the level of the initial investment, our view also includes follow-up costs fo operation over decades and in paricular, generational changes in subsystems.

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Solutions from a single source

From development and project management to production, assembly, training and service, we cover all services in our group of companies. Engineering services are only subcontracted in exeptional cases, so that our support can ensure that our customers receive long-term service while they can concentrate on their business.

Solutions from a single source

Development for success

Practical systems with high availability are the result of a pronounced engineering spririt. This drives us to constantly incorporate new evolutionary approaches into our systems and products. The latter are not an end in themselves, but often the key and always an integral part of our solutions for the sustainable benefit of our customers.

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Personality meets responsibility

As an owner-operated business, we strive to remain accessible, with an open ear for our customers' needs. Our team assumes personal responsibility for the success of your project.

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Roots in Dresden, at home in the world

 We started our company in Dresden in 1990. We feel a responsibility for our region. Are roots and our origin are here, and this is where we find the strength to develop solutions, that in turn find new homes throughout the whole world.

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