Selected projects

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F&S Screendesign V4

Sisimiut and Ilulissat (Greenland), Energy out of a cavern

Excitation systems from F&S's XD series are responsible for generator control of 3 machines in Ilulissat and 2 in Sisimiut. The power plant in Sisimiut is also equipped with MOP machine output panels.

Montschegorsk (Russia), Safe and reliable operation of high-power compressors north of the polar circle with F&S excitation systems

In a plant in Montschegorsk, F&S excitation systems provide for the stable operation of two high-power compressors.

Krasnodar (Russia), Excitation systems for large drives

Our excitation systems from the XD series control the operation of large drives.

Samara (Russia), Excitation systems for large drives

Excitation systems from our XD series control operation of large drives in a steel plant.

Porvoo (Finland), Excitation systems for electric drives in polymer manufacturing

Brushless excitation systems from the XD series control the operation of large drives.

Torino (Finnland), air separation system in a steel plant

F&S delivered the exciter device to drive the compressor of an air separation system.

Grain (Great Britain), Generator control for gas turbine power plants

Since 2015, F&S's excitation systems from the XD series have been controlling both generators in a power plant.

Rovenskaya (Ukraine), Excitation systems for the operation of large generators

A static excitation system from the XD series with 2-out-of-3 redundancy at 4 kA, designed with power circuitry for momentary excitation up to 6 kA and a full-redundancy, high-availability control system, has been controlling the operation of a 259 MVA generator in a nuclear power plant since 2014.

Küstrin (Polen): Control cabinet for a industrial power plant

F&S delivered excitation, protection and phasing devices for a 6 MVA generator.

Tavaux (Frankreich), Automation and SCADA for a pilot PVC recycling plant

Automation of combustion control for the recycling plant.

Berre-l'Étang (Frankreich), polyethylene plant

F&S supplied a excitation system for a 5 MW drive as well as an engine monitoring system for a 23,5 MW drive.

Ventspils (Latvia), Automation for the processing of bulk goods

Control and monitoring equipment, delivered by F&S, provides for the safe, reliable, and automated handling of goods at the coal terminal in the industrial port of Ventspils.

Gent (Belgium), Excitation systems for a steel factory

Two XD static excitation systems, hermetically sealed away from harsh environmental conditions and cooled by air-water heat exchangers, provide excitation for large drives in a steel factory.

Vlissingen (Netherlands), Excitation systems for refining

Synchronous compressor drives at the Zeeland Refinery are controlled by F&S XD excitation systems.

Kollsness (Norway), Excitation units for natural gas drying

Gas compressors are used for gas drying in Kollsness. The high-power electric drives in the megawatt range are provided with excitation by power converters from F&S.

Sagunto (Spain), Excitation systems in a steel factory

Our customers trust our proven XD excitation systems for air separation applications.

Zenica (Bosnia Herzegovina), Excitation unit for a steel factory

F&S delivered an XD excitation system for an air separator.

Linz (Österreich), machine automation for a chemical plant

F&S supplied a wide range of exciter systems for compressors and generators, partially with protection devices.

Tirol (Österreich), Excitation systems für several hydro power plants

F&S equipped the Brennerwerk and the power plant Vomperbach with excitation systems.

Bützberg (Switzerland), glass coating plant

F&S supplied the control and visualisation system for a vacuum coating system of architecture glass.