Commissioning of 15 kV test facility in Eferding successfully completed

In Eferding, Stern & Hafferl Verkehrsgesellschaft m.b.H. operates a railroad workshop where the dual-system traction units of Linzer Lokalbahn AG are repaired. Until now, however, only operation with DC 750 V was possible here; AC 15 kV 16.7 Hz was not available as a supply voltage. With the commissioning of the 15 kV test system based on the LC2 modular system, this gap has now been closed. Click here for the 3D model of our container solution.

The test facility is special in many respects: Despite the low continuous power of 300 kW, traction units with several megawatts of power can be operated. This is made possible by the high flexibility of F&S's own LC2 modular converter system: A differentiated and independent design of the input and output sides for surge currents, overloads and continuous loads enables a precisely tailored solution.

The 15 kV test system is supplied from the 750 V grid. A particularly practical feature is that the containerized system is located directly on the roof of the local substation, thus avoiding long cable runs. A small sub-distribution of the DC 750 V traction voltage for direct plug supply to the vehicles could be integrated into the test system without any problems.

Thanks to the container design, it was possible to connect all external cables, commission the system, carry out a trial run with three different multiple unit types and provide instruction on the operation and maintenance of the system within just one week.

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