Research project DigiTechNet

DigiTechNett is the abbreviation for the research project "Digi­talization­techno­logies for the operation of low­voltage­networks". Coordinated by the Chair of Electrical Energy Supply and the Chair of Energy Economics of the TU Dresden, F&S PROZESS­AUTOMATION GmbH has joined forces with SachsenNetze GmbH, SachsenNetze HS. HD GmbH, Robotron Daten­banken-Software GmbH, DigSILENT GmbH and emsys grid services GmbH within the framework of a co­operations­project to develop forward-looking solutions for trans­formation­requirements for the low­voltage­grid­level resulting from the energy­turnaround.

The project, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, has a total volume of €4.7 million. The aim is to develop concepts for future operational management and, after field testing, to integrate them into the operational management of the low-voltage networks, In this way, the project partners hope to be able to make a fundamental contribution to the digitization and implementation of the energy transition. An important part of the planned work on the service platform for reliable operation is the development of a congestion management system that prevents the occurrence of critical network situations. The basic prerequisite for this is the real-time monitoring of the grid status, which is influenced to a large extent by the increasing integration of so-called renewable energies, electric vehicles and heat pumps.

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