Software library FS-PowerGrid for topo­logical coloring in control systems based on WinCC OA

F&S has added a new module to its control techno­logy library LT based on WinCC OA. With the comple­tion of the in-house develop­ment of the FS-PowerGrid library, F&S now has a tool that can be used to color net­works for power or pipe-bound media accor­ding to their switching and operating status.

Based on the state of all indi­vidual resources, all sources and sinks, and the network topology, the net­work is calculated and represented using a node and edge model. The calcu­lation is based on an iterative approach. For each change in the network, the entire net­work is calculated starting from its contained sources. The states of the edges are determined step by step. The different operating states such as "Switched Off", "Switched On", "Grounded" as well as "Invalid Infor­mation" of power line sections are dis­played with ascending priority according to pre­defined colors.

The functio­nality of the calcu­lations was verified in an accompanying diploma thesis. In this diploma thesis, the calculations of FS-PowerGrid were successfully compared with the open-source grid calcu­lation tool panda­power of the Uni­versity of Kassel and the Fraunhofer Institute for Energy Eco­nomics and Energy System Techno­logy Kassel.

The first deploy­ment of FS-PowerGrid is at the offshore wind farm "Veja Mate" off the German North Sea coast. There, the software library has been in produc­tive use as a compo­nent of the higher-level SCADA system since November 2022, increasing the ergo­nomics of the control system and supporting the control room staff in their daily tasks.

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