Selected projects

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South Korea: Excitation systems for a refinery

Compressor controllers from F&S for safe operation of a refinery.

Bhubaneswar, India: Electric drives

F&S delivered the excitation unit for an air separation facility.

Bontang, Indonesia: Machine protection system for a motor-generator set

For chemical plants with alternating endogenous-exogenous processes and weak power grids, drives for the processing are used as auxiliary generators as required. F&S delivered the protection system for a 5 MW installation of this type.

Nghi Son, Vietnam: Automation of a hydrogen compressor

F&S system-level solutions for protection and excitation were deployed for four drives in a refinery.

Shanghai, China: Excitation units for chemical production

High-power compressors, backbone of a production process in a new chemical factory in Shanghai, are controlled with excitation units from F&S.

Ras Al Khaimah, UAE: Protection systems and switchgear technology for extreme environmental conditions

Here, protection systems and switchgear control and monitoring equipment for a medium-voltage grid provide for the safe and reliable energy supply for our customer.

Yanbu, Saudi Arabia: Excitation units for a desalinization plant

F&S delivered an excitation system for two seawater pump drives with a power of 4 MW.

Isfahan, Iran: Excitation systems for air compressors in a steel factory

Excitation units from F&S control the synchronous compressor drives in a steel factory.

Yokohama, Japan: Control and monitoring equipment for a test facility for glass coatings

Control and monitoring equipment from F&S ensures the high flexibility required for a large testing facility for glass coatings.

Yerevan, Argel, and Sewan, Armenia: one river, three hydro power plants - safe, reliable energy

New generator controllers with synchronization make possible the operation of eight machine sets in power plants along the Razdan river for the coming decades.

Amur, Russia: Excitation systems for air separation for the purpose of helium production

Our repeat customer here places his trust in proven F&S excitation units for air separation drives.

Ghana: Protection systems and control panels for energy distribution in the national 155 kV grid

Protection systems and control panels from our company provide for safe and reliable operation of three newly equipped substations in Bolgatana, Sunyani, and Techiman.

Monlevade, Brasil: Excitation systems for air compressors in a steel factory

F&S excitation systems control a synchronous compressor drive in a steel factory.

Ontario, NY, USA: German technology for green diesel

Biodiesel refinement technology in container packages, originally built in and for Germany, was adapted according to UL standards. After crossing the Atlantic, this technology was installed and re-commissioned by our technicians.

Kulp and Trabzon, Turkey: Hydropower with F&S excitation technology

Turkey has many rivers with significant slope and has been investing in the renovation and development of hydropower plants. At several locations, our XD excitation units provide for optimal generator operation.

Archimandrita, Cyprus: Switchgear control technology and protection systems for a wind farm

Switchgear control and monitoring technology and protection systems for a wind farm substation, in addition to the connection to the control station of the national grid, were designed and deliverd by F&S.