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We create lasting solutions for complex environments.

Power utilities - a perfect balance of performance and availability

Modern power plants extract energy from numerous sources. But no matter which source is used, the plants should be largely autonomous and low maintenance, and simultaneously have high efficiency and cause minimal environmental impact.

Based on these basic requirements, our engineers create solutions for a wide range of applications from the automation of turbine controls, generator excitation systems and power plant processes all the way to outfitting of control rooms with SCADA and management systems.

Solutions for power utilities

Distribution networks – Super-highways for water, gas, and electricity

Intelligent solutions for distribution networks make it possible for water, gas, and electricity to safely and reliably make their way from the main municipal lines to the consumer. Often, these grids have intricate branching structures, which places very high requirements on the deployed technologies. We develop solutions for these systems and provide for resource-optimized distribution networks with future-proof monitoring and control systems.

Solutions for distribution networks

Industry – the blue chip of value creation

Globally, a large portion of economic output is achieved by industry and infrastructure. Indeed, these are the cornerstones of sustainable prosperity. Which is why solutions for these fields must be all the more thoroughly designed and long-lasting. F&S offers electric drives, automation, and control systems that optimize the use of resources and work reliably for decades, thus providing municipalities and companies the means to remain competitive far into the future.

Solutions for industry

Infrastructure – optimal paths to a destination

Today’s dense networks of rails and roads provide people and goods with the means to reach their destinations, not to mention the less visible networks connecting airports. In these fields, automation systems serve to safeguard transportation and traffic routes, as well as to optimize the flow of traffic.

In order to update and expand systems without interrupting service, the control and automation systems must provide advanced capabilities for testing and simulation. These capabilities are also important for training operating personnel to respond quickly to disruptions and catastrophic events. In this very delicate field, we are your competent partner for delivering custom-fit automation solutions which will stand the test of time.

Solutions for infrastructure