the blue chip of value creation

In a competitive field, the success of an industrial company is determined by innovation, quality, and efficiency.

For us, it is a matter of common sense that the automation of facilities, products, and assets plays a critical role in our customers’ success.

At F&S, we offer engineering, products, and system-level solutions – all available for ensuring your success.

Areas of expertise


Electric drives

Automation, protection, and control system integration of drive systems of power ratings up to megawatts. Our converter systems for medium-voltage synchronous and induction machines are based on commercially available products; these solutions are equipped with all necessary control, monitoring, and protection systems and offer high flexibility and long-term stability for all your drive needs.


Process engineering

Industrial coating and chemical processes require not only know-how in the fields of control and automation, but also a high level of understanding of the technological processes involved and a diverse portfolio of experience from previous projects. F&S engineers bring more than two decades of experience in project responsibility to the table for meeting your project goals.

Rohrgebundene Medien und Schüttgut

Pipe-bound media and bulk goods

F&S system solutions and project management offer you consistent reliability and high quality for the fields of processing, piping networks, and storage of liquids or bulk goods; we offer solutions for hazardous materials, fuels, and foodstuffs, as well as for special environmental requirements or installations subject to certification with safety requirements up to SIL3.

Automation für Traktion und Offshore

Automation for traction and offshore

From control and monitoring system solutions for offshore platforms to frequency converters for railway vehicles, F&S solutions offer certifiable quality to satisfy even the most stringent requirements.

Related products that we offer

A soft starter for medium voltage drives.


With our soft-starter, you can easily master the power-limitation required during the start-up of medium-voltage drives.

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Excitation devices, brushless excitation systems, static excitation systems, excitation device for synchronous machines, generator excitation, motor excitation


Our excitation systems are holistic solutions for effective system operation. We adapt each system to specific customer requirements, resulting in sophisticated, user-friendly designs with high maintainability.

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Medium voltage current intermediate circuit converter - TIBS MCL, LCI, load commutated inverter


With our current source converters, you can control the torque and speed of your synchronous machines with power ratings up to multiple megawatts.

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Power converter, medium voltage power converter, inverter, power converter


Our voltage source converters are based on standardized power circuit and control circuit building-blocks.

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higher-level control technology, SCADA, control system, data management, distributed control system, TIBS-LT, TIBS


Our instrumentation and control systems are distinguished by their superb form-fitting to the individual application, as well by the consistency and clarity of the user interface and visual concept.

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Flagship Project

Standardized Supply Systems for Process Gases in the High-tech Semiconductor Industry


The microelectronics, semiconductor, and photovoltaic industries have been acclaimed as an engine for global technological advancement for years now, which is particularly true in Saxony. The continuous growth of these industries provides an important contribution to solving the national and global challenges of our time, such as the “Energiewende” (energy transition).

Specialized gases, which are used for etching, doping, cleaning, or as a source of silicon, are extremely important raw materials; they must be pure and of high quality, and their supply must be safe and reliable.

Special requirements

Nearly all of the more than 30 process gases used in the modern semiconductor industry are toxic, highly flammable, or are considered harmful to the climate. In order to meet the high requirements for plant safety and environmental protection, we use fail-safe systems as necessary.

F&S as a partner

On behalf of our longtime partner, Linde Electronics GmbH & Co. KG, F&S develops and delivers standardized automation solutions based on scalable industrial control systems.

Numerous such systems for the bulk and on-site supply of process gases are currently in use by various renowned customers in the chemical and process industries, where they ensure reliable production processes while safely and effectively working with critical gases.

In addition to fully automated supply systems and a clearly structured visualization of the processes, the focus is also on customer-specific solutions for remote monitoring.