Thyristor controller, ignition pulses for thyristors


Thyristor controller


The digital thyristor controller is suited for the control of thyristor converters of types B6C / B6H and B2C / B2H.


Supply voltage: 24 V DC

Synchronization voltage: 10 V AC … 400 V AC

Redundant power supply

Monitoring of the thyristors by measuring the bridge output voltage




The thyristor controller measures the displacement angle of the bridge output voltage using a digital phase-locked loop.

Firing pulses are generated for the connected thyristors based on the configured or recognized grid and the setting for the type of bridge.

The thyristors are fired by applying a grid-synchronous pulse pattern to the gate connectors. The type of pulse pattern, the control region, or the option for compensation of the control law are dependent on the grid configuration, the type of bridge, and the source for the set-points.


Operating modes

Excitation current control

Voltage control


Limiter functions

Excitation current limiter: 2 stage, time-overcurrent principle

Armature current limiter: 2 stage, time-overcurrent principle

Machine voltage limiter

Under-excitation limiter


Preselected target value

Analog 0 - 10 V

High and low commands




Digital outputs for status signals