A workplace with many screens to check the systems.

LT Control Systems

Future-proof solutions for monitoring, control, and supervisory management.


Our monitoring and control systems are distinguished by their superb form-fitting to the individual application, as well by the consistency and clarity of the user interface and visual concept.

Branch-specific requirements for norms, data modelling, and communications standards are taken into account.


Ergonomic interface design

Efficient user guidance/experience

Installation-specific solutions based on branch standards

Incorporation of external modules via standardized databases and documented APIs




Application areas

Our systems for monitoring, control, and supervisory management enable distributed processes in the fields of

Power utilities

Thermal power plants, hydro, wind, and solar

Energy distribution

Substations, switching stations, smart grids, conversion and distribution facilities for pipe-bound media


Airports, harbors, facilities, and road, rail, and waterways

Chemicals industry

Process engineering and bulk goods