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System-level solutions – keeping an eye on the bigger picture

As your experienced partner in the field of system-level solutions and systems integration, we continually set new standards of excellence, so that out of thoroughly planned projects, long-lasting solutions arise.

We provide you with highly personalized and continuous support, which is why we understand your project and expectations during each and every project phase. Thanks to our unique company structure, we are highly flexible and react quickly to serve your individual needs.

When it comes to product selection, we maintain total independence from manufacturers, so we can choose the perfect components and assemblies for your project.

Product lines

We develop products and system-level solutions for the excitation and control of synchronous and induction machines, ecologically-operated railway switch heating systems, as well as system control, monitoring, and instrumentation.

Excitation devices, brushless excitation systems, static excitation systems, excitation device for synchronous machines, generator excitation, motor excitation

XD Excitation systems

Our excitation systems are holistic solutions for effective system operation. We adapt each system to specific customer requirements, resulting in sophisticated, user-friendly designs with high maintainability.

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Medium voltage current intermediate circuit converter - TIBS MCL, LCI, load commutated inverter

MCL Current source converters

With our current source converters, you can control the torque and speed of your synchronous machines with power ratings up to multiple megawatts.

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A voltage intermediate circuit converter for low-voltage drives.

LC3 Voltage source converters

Our voltage source converters are based on standardized power circuit and control circuit building-blocks.

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A soft starter for medium voltage drives.

MCS Soft-starters

With our soft-starters, you can easily master the power-limitation required during the start-up of medium-voltage drives.

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A device with the image TIBS-EC1.

EC1 Power Plant Controller

The application focus of our power plant controller is on block heat and power plants as well as entire energy parks with various power generation plants and auxiliary power supply. The RTU basis also enables integration into switchgear control technology.

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higher-level control technology, SCADA, control system, data management, distributed control system, TIBS-LT, TIBS

Object libraries SCADA

Our monitoring systems are distinguished by their superb form-fitting to the individual application, as well by the consistency and clarity of the user interface and visual concept.

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Rejection field, medium voltage special field, machine rejection field, generator rejection field, generator rejection cabinet, rejection cabinet

Medium-voltage output panels

Our output panels ensure that the required power is always available; they satisfy the most stringent requirements for quality and reliability, and they are very low maintenance.

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Point heating system, point heating system, de-icing of rails

WH Railway switch heating

The structure of railway management regarding personnel and operational management is undergoing changes. With this is mind, we offer sophisticated, innovative solutions with our electric railroad switch heating system.

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Power converter, medium voltage power converter, inverter, power converter

MC3 Voltage source converters

Our voltage source converters are based on standardized power circuit and control circuit building-blocks.

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Our company group offers a wide range of services ranging from development and production to project management, training, and maintenance.


Planning, Consulting, System analysis

Our engineers fully dedicate their deep knowledge and experience to finding and implementing the perfect solution for your project – while maintaining complete independence from component manufacturers.

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Systeme und Anlagen

Systems and facilities

We create high-quality, lasting solutions based on structured and standardized functional units.

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Fertigung und Montage

Manufacturing and assembly

We deliver painstakingly designed switchgear systems that fulfill all technical and normative requirements.

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Testing facilities

We have three testing facilities on site for testing and verification of products and systems. Additionally, we offer customers the option of testing their products and systems.

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Tests und Inbetriebnahmen

Testing and commissioning

For the sectors of heavy industry, utilities, and infrastructure, often the merging of subsystems into the main system must be performed on location.

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Schulungen und Einweisungen

Training and instruction

We hold on-location training and instruction sessions for the systems and products of our portfolio.

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Wartung, Rufbereitschaft und Fernservice

Maintenance and on-call/remote service

We offer maintenance of products and systems from our or other companies, as well as on-call or remote service.

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