Power converter, medium voltage power converter, inverter, power converter


Voltage source converters for medium-voltage drives


Our medium-voltage converters are based on standardized building-blocks for power and control components.

This makes it possible to offer individualized solutions for your project with minimal effort and series-production-level quality. In particular, the meticulously designed power circuits enable compact converter designs in various form factors.


Max. rated power: 7 MVA

Max. rated voltage: 3.3 kV

Applications: synchronous and induction machines

For continuous operation





Medium-voltage power converters can be controlled remotely. A variety of communications protocols are available, or, alternately, a galvanic interface can be used.

Parameters can be conveniently adjusted with a web-browser panel.

Signal lamps mounted on the control compartment access panel provide rapid feedback on system status.

Operator protection

Separate low-voltage compartment

A dedicated low-voltage compartment for system control is completely sealed off from the medium-voltage equipment. Access of this compartment is possible during operation.

Galvanic isolation

Isolation is provided between the high-power equipment and controls via fiber-optic connections.

Latching push-knobs

Prevent inadvertent opening of access panels.

Type-tested enclosure system

The power equipment is housed in type-tested medium-voltage enclosures.

Emergency stop and access panel monitoring

External and on the compartment access panel
Emergency stop when the access panel is opened

Residual voltage warning

Optical warning system for residual voltage on the DC-link capacitors.



Further options are available on request.

Integrated machine protection

Modular switch panels

Expandable field automation, machine monitoring

Extended user controls for singular installations or drive groups, up to and including the supervisory SCADA system

Communications interfaces PROFINET, MODBUS TCP, IEC 60870-5-104, IEC 61850, etc.