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Manufacturing and assembly

From vision to reality

We deliver painstakingly designed switchgear systems that fulfill all technical and normative requirements for the country of use.

Designed and built in our own facilities, adapted to the available space of the deployment location, and equipped as required, we deliver switchgear systems ranging from a single customized unit up to serial production. All systems are carefully tested in our own low and medium-voltage testing facilities before installation, connection, and commissioning at the customer site.


Control and monitoring system cabinets

The control system cabinets are simultaneously a hub for the system as a whole, and a protective enclosure for critical control and instrumentation equipment. The active technology within demands special consideration of the required environmental conditions. As such, the control cabinets must be configured and adapted to withstand the environmental conditions at the installation site. Each system is tailor-made for the individual customer to maintain the temperature within a tolerable range, provide necessary air flow, as well as the protecting the system against unauthorized access.

Sub-system control cabinets

Control cabinets for coupling the automation system to the sensors and actuators necessary for the process are designed, documented, manufactured, tested, and installed according to customer requirements.

Machine output panels

Carefully designed output panels are the basis for connecting a generator or motor with the electrical grid. Accounting for the thermal and mechanical effects of short circuit events places extreme demands on the pressure loading and flame and fire requirements of the cabinet housing. We deliver machine output panels for large motors and generators, scalable up to 3000 A.