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Planning, Consulting, System analysis

We don’t deliver just any solution – we find THE solution that’s just right for you

Our interdisciplinary engineering teams are composed of engineers and technicians spanning a range of disciplines and qualifications.

Our engineers fully dedicate their deep knowledge and experience to finding and implementing the perfect solution for your project – while maintaining complete independence from component manufacturers.


Consulting / Planning / System analysis

The first step of both large and small projects is to define a goal. We help our customers to find an optimal path, so they can quickly and efficiently attain their goals. You benefit from our large pool of project experience in various fields through competent implementation of your ideas. Our planning services always correspond to the state-of-the-art in order to deliver long-lasting solutions for you.


After an optimal approach has been defined, the details of the solution must be addressed. We have the standard CAE systems at our disposal and are highly proficient with numerous manufacturing processes, and interfaces. This ensures a smooth transition to application creation. The specific application determines which programming environment will be required. Here, too, we master a wide range of tools and technologies.


Field-specific solutions and application modules ease system integration. Our portfolio leverages commercially available systems and extends these with our own custom-built modules. This applies both on the abstraction level of SCADA and visualization systems, as well as for higher-level decision and optimization functions. Data modelling and realization of interfaces are another core area of our engineering services offering.

Support for development/Dimensioning

We support you with our know-how, both for development of your power electronics products, and for successful system deployment. We offer grid and EMC analyses for converter deployment and for dimensioning of filters or protection components. Using our extended toolbox of engineering capabilities, we provide simulation of whole systems, isolation coordination, and design and development of control systems.