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Testing and commissioning

The touchstone for all completed project steps.

For the sectors of heavy industry, utilities, and infrastructure, often the merging of subsystems be into the primary system must be performed on location.

The diligence of the project engineer is critical for transitioning a system which was simulated at the testing facility into the real installation. When performed correctly, an availability upwards of 8000 hours/year can be maintained: for decades.


Testing and commissioning

System design is characterized by individual solutions. Nonetheless, these complex systems should attain the reproducible and high levels of availability on par with serial production. To guarantee this, one must begin with the commissioning procedure and the creation of a commissioning program. The programs must consider, aside from complete signal and function tests, the contingencies of sequential processes, operational issues, and a complete matrix of possible fault scenarios.


Systems with high hazard potential have especially high requirements for product and system design, as well as on the development procedures and project processes involved. Systems for which certification is necessary demand expert knowledge and special equipment extending from the initial project stages throughout the entire lifetime of the device or installation. We place at your disposal our longstanding experience in successful product and system delivery, e.g. for the sectors of process engineering, offshore facilities, rail and maritime transportation, and aviation.

User instruction and training

The ability to safely operate an installation is a prerequisite for customer benefit. Thus, in addition to user-friendly design, the training of our customers in operation and maintenance procedures is an essential component of the project. Our system training sessions are particularly benificial, as they are custom-tailored to your specific system and operational needs. User instruction and training