Reddish image - Large test field sign.

Testing facilities

Reliable operation: proven

Complex functionality demands intensive testing on-location. Long facility downtime is expensive; utility and infrastructure components are upgraded without interrupting operation; critical processes harbor risks for personnel and system safety. By making use of process environment emulation and pre-launch simulations at our testing facilities, commissioning risk and time can be minimized.

We have three testing facilities on site for testing and verification of products and systems. Additionally, we offer customers the option of testing their products and systems at our facilities.


System testing facility

All our control and automation solutions are subjected to a system verification test at our system testing facility. Various machines can be simulated for testing excitation and protection equipment. In this way, each individual function of these vital auxiliary systems can be pre-verified, in order simplify on-location system checkout.

Medium-voltage testing facility

Testing with medium voltage demands extra-high requirements for operating personnel. Our fully-isolated, controllable testing facility allows product testing, and supports development activities for our medium-voltage converters.


You, too, can use our testing facilities for all your testing needs! Our facilities support power ratings up to 160 kVA and full-isolation via our motor-generator set: variable frequency and voltage up to 400 V. Further capabilities include a test converter with voltage up to 3.3 kV, a heat exchanger for liquid cooling, high-voltage testing devices including partial discharge tests, and much more! – contact us today.