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Training and instruction

Product and system knowledge tailored to your applications.

We assist you with the training of your employees, so they have the skills necessary to safely operate your installation.

The goal of our training sessions, courses, and seminars is to provide you with the practical knowledge required, and which you can integrate into your daily routine with confidence and ease. Our courses are never standardized – each one is just as unique as you and your system.


Operator training

As the operator of our products and systems, our engineers will instruct you on the safe operation of your new system. The training takes place in our test facility or on site.

System training

With our system training, you will learn how to use your system and the main components it contains correctly and safely. Regardless of whether it is a system solution based on products or a system based on components that are available on the market, our focus is on the competent communication of content for system configuration and diagnosis.

The following training courses are available to operators and OEM partners:

  • Installation and service
  • Project planning and diagnosis

Product training

Operators and OEM partners can choose from a number of training courses for our systems and products:

Excitation systems XD

  • Installation and service
  • Project planning and diagnosis

MCS soft-starter

  • Installation and service

DC link voltage source converter MC3 and LC3

  • Installation and service
  • Project planning and diagnostics (OEM)

Current source converters MCL

  • Installation and service
  • Project planning and diagnosis (OEM)

Railway switch heating WH

  • Installation and service
  • Project planning and diagnosis

Request an individualized training course

It would be our pleasure to make you a quotation for a training course that is tailor-made for your individual needs. First, we will need to clarify some basic information:

  • desired content and scope for the course
  • desired location

Contact us today! We would be happy to answer your questions, and will send you additional information.

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