Frequency converters

Power electronics solutions for energy, industry, and infrastructure.

Permanent solutions

F&S offers a broad portfolio of power electronics solutions for your application - from compact controllers for the excitation of your synchronous machines to optimized speed and torque control for your multi-megawatt drive projects. Based on an intelligent, modular design concept, our solutions are custom-fitted to customer requirements: From soft starters and start-up converters for starting large machines, self-commutated voltage source converters for drives with high dynamics, all the way to load-commutated current source converters for continuous operation of controlled, high-power synchronous machines. The applications are manifold: building materials, mining and minerals, energy, water, metals, marine and chemical, the oil and gas industries, and so on.

Customized solutions for startup inverters

Start-up converters are required, among other things, for the operation of a generator as a start-up motor for gas turbo generators. In addition, start-up converters may be necessary to avoid high starting currents when starting synchronous motors. With our detailed designs, we supply space-saving solutions with low space requirements, also containerized on request.



With our soft-starters, you can easily master the power-limitation required during the start-up of medium-voltage drives.

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Excitation systems

Our excitation systems are holistic solutions for effective system operation. We adapt each system to specific customer requirements, resulting in sophisticated, user-friendly designs with high maintainability.

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Voltage source converters

Our voltage source converters are based on standardized power circuit and control circuit building-blocks.

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Current source converters

With our current source converters, you can control the torque and speed of your synchronous machines with power ratings up to multiple megawatts.

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