Rotor isolation measurement


This three-piece module set is designed for contactless monitoring of brushless synchronous maschines.

The transmission of information to the analysis unit is accomplished with digital wireless communications. A wide-range power supply generates the supply voltage for the acquisition unit directly from the field winding.


Supply voltage: 24 V DC

Isolation resistance range: 1 kOhm … 999 kOhm

Measurement of the isolation resistance of the excitation winding

Acquisition of up to 6 simultaenous Pt100 temperature measurements

Measurement of the excitation current via shunt

Measurement of the excitation voltage




The rotating acquisition unit IM2-TX measures the isolation resistance, excitation voltage, and excitation current. Also, temperature signals from Pt100 sensors are acquired, and these signals are transmitted to the IM2-RX analysis unit.

The collected data is transmitted along to the exciter unit XD using an ASCII protocol. Two programmable digital outputs are available for the output of error and warning notifications.



Serial RS 232 or RS 422/485

Digital outputs