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"The most innovative, best, most modern Industry 4.0 manufacturing plant" - not least thanks to F&S-technology

With this superlative, Michael Fohrer, head of Germany at Bombardier, describes the new test center in Bautzen. Together with the project partner RPS, F&S supplied the 15 kV / 16.7 Hz and 25 kV / 50 Hz multi-system supply for the electrification of the 120 m long test track for test drives. On Wednesday, December 11th, 2019, the test center was symbolically put into operation by Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer, among others.


Inverter system for railway test facility supply successfully put into operation

In cooperation with the project partner Rail Power Systems GmbH, F&S has successfully commissioned the multi-system supply of a new test facility. Thus trainsets and locomotives can now be tested both at 15 kV / 16.7 Hz and 25 kV / 50 Hz. The heart of the system with a continuous output of 1 MW, for a short time 2 MW, is the modularly configurable F & S LC3 converter system. All components required for energy conversion - transformers, filters, power and control modules of the converter as well as cooling and auxiliary - were designed, configured and supplied by F&S. F&S´s proprietary control hardware SC1600 combined with the PM scalable power modules provide the flexibility and performance needed to meet the specific test requirements of this project.


5G - pilot project for a smarter Dresden

The low-voltage electricity network has become more and more a bidirectional network in recent years. The former consumers are now also those who feed into the power grid. Increasingly, ecological alternatives in the area of mobility (e-bike, e-car) are being used and being charged in consumers' households. In order to meet these challenges, F & S is supporting DREWAG Stadtwerke Dresden GmbH in a joint research project with Deutsche Telekom AG on intelligent energy management.


Pentecost excursion of the students and young engineers of the department of electrical power technology

As part of this year's Pentecost Excursion of the VDE- Bezirksverein Dresden e. V., as well as the TU Dresden and the University of Applied Sciences Zittau / Görlitz, we were pleased to welcome the participants under the supervision of Dr. Dietmar Siegmund, Prof. Dr. med. Steffen Großmann and Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Kornhuber in our premises. After a short company presentation, there was a practical insight into the complex sphere of the F & S business activities. Finally, we visited our current projects in at the manufacturing. We wish all participants a pleasant journey with exciting information and look forward to seeing you again!


Medium Voltage Softstarter MCS 6C in service

F&S delivered, installed and commissioned a thyristor based softstarter at Deutsche Bahn frequency converter plant Bützow.The 6.3 kV, 1 kA softstarter is utilized to accelerate and synchronize a “10 MVA 50 Hz / 16.7 Hz synchronous motor generator set” to both grids. Therefore a new approach of W3C converter control - the synchronous softstart technology – was introduced with this project. The motor DOL current, of approx. 4-5 kA, was reduced to less than 500 A during start. Further, using synchronous softstart technology, leads to a smooth grid coupling by meeting the three common synchronization criteria. As a result, mechanical and thermal load during startup and synchronization was reduced significantly.


Locomotives for Latin America, F & S excitation system XD2T secures the on-board power supply

Last week, the first locomotive of the new SALi (South American Light Loco) series successfully was tested at STADLER´s working site in Valencia. The on-board generators of this locomotive series came from our partner VEM Sachsenwerk. The XD2T device tailored for traction applications from our company ensures their excitation and monitoring. Commissioning was accompanied by one of our engineers. According to information from STADLER, the SALi, which was designed specially for mountain use, ist the first locomotive of an European manufacturer in Bolivia. With this locomotive STADLER has made an important step on the way to the Latin American market. We wish the best success!


Safe power generation and distribution in a dynamic environment

was the topic of our workshop on 12th February 2019. In a relaxed atmosphere, own experiences, possible solutions and the theory behind asynchronous machine and frequency converter were discussed. Why the transition from grid-parallel to stand-alone grid operation involves a wide variety of challenges could not only be tested and recorded theoretically and simulatively, but also in the test field on a small island grid model. We thank all participants for the numerous contributions and the positive feedback on our jointly workshop.



Vocational Education and Career Day

On Saturday, 09th March 2019 you will find us at the Vocational Education and Career Day of the BSZ for electrical engineering Dresden. From 09:00 to 13:30 you will have the opportunity to gain insight into the fields of Electrical Engineering, Power Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics and Microtechnology. You can find us in the area "Foyer A 400 / south side". We look forward to a great morning with you!


Campaign donation instead of presents

For 28 years Sonnenstrahl e. V. Dresden cares for children with cancer and their families. It is our desire to support this important work, so we are pleased that we were able to donate an amount of 5.000, - € to the association.


Kraftwerkstechnisches Kolloquium at Dresden

At the event of “50. Kraftwerkstechnisches Kolloquium” on 23rd and 24th October 2018 topics of operation, optimization and digital visualization of energy supply facilities were the focus of attention. More than 900 international participants from industry and research attended this year's conference.

In keeping with the challenges of energy infrastructure in the course of the energy transition, F&S provided the central exhibit in the plenary hall. An over fifty-year-old Trabant 600, which former two-stroke burner was replaced by an electric drive as the heart for his second life on the street , symbolized our approach - to generate future-proof solutions.


F&S receives an order for the grid automation of a new pharmaceutical plant in Vienna.

BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM, one of the most research focused enterprises in the European industry and beyond, is investing about € 700 million in a new plant for the production of drugs based on cell culture technologies. The availability and quality of electrical energy supply are the backbone of a production site. The challenging requirements in process-critical procedures such as in the pharmaceutical industry are of a special kind. Both in normal operation on the public network, as well as in the context of island supply, which means automatically decoupled from external energy supply in case of failure, cell cultures and production processes must be stably supplied. We are pleased to announce that F&S, in addition to the locations Ingelheim (since 1999) and Biberach (since 2002), has been assigned with the engineering and supply of the network control technology for the new biopharmaceutical production plant by the Boehringer Ingelheim Regional Center Vienna (RCV). It is an honor and a challenge for F&S to confirm the reputation it has gained in its 20 years of operations at the German locations of Boehringer Ingelheim and now also at the Regional Center Vienna.


Successful certification under ISO 9001:2015

Since 2001, our management system for the development, design, manufacture, commissioning and maintenance of automation systems for energy and media supply, industry and traffic has been consistently successfully certified under ISO 9001:2008.

This year we successfully passed the quality inspection according under ISO 9001:2015.


F&S at MEE Dubai

Looking back to the successful presentation of our portfolio at MEE, the international trade fair for the energy industry, we like to thank you for your interest in our products and the lively professional exchange.