BigBattery Lausitz - F&S ensures the implementation of safe plant operation

BigBattery Lausitz - Illustration of a power plant.

LEAG is building a battery storage facility with a usable capacity of 53 megawatt hours at the Schwarze Pumpe site. BigBattery Lausitz combines modern power plant infrastructure with storage technology on a new scale. In this constellation, the project is so far unique in Europe.

In this project, F&S has been commissioned to design and supply the cross-component automation and monitoring and to integrate it into the operational management. As an important link between battery blocks, converters and the medium and high-voltage grid of the power plant, our solution ensures that the entire plant functions safely.

Approx. 2200 signals are reliably exchanged via a redundant connection with the block control system of the power plant. Our scope of supply includes the communication technology, automation, telecontrol and protection for the medium and high voltage plant, system integration of the battery storage via the block converters and all decentralized auxiliary systems, the plant control level as well as integration into the higher-level power plant control system.

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