F&S receives an order for the grid automation of a new pharmaceutical plant in Vienna.

BI Wien

BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM, one of the most research focused enterprises in the European industry and beyond, is investing about € 700 million in a new plant for the production of drugs based on cell culture technologies. The availability and quality of electrical energy supply are the backbone of a production site. The challenging requirements in process-critical procedures such as in the pharmaceutical industry are of a special kind. Both in normal operation on the public network, as well as in the context of island supply, which means automatically decoupled from external energy supply in case of failure, cell cultures and production processes must be stably supplied. We are pleased to announce that F&S, in addition to the locations Ingelheim (since 1999) and Biberach (since 2002), has been assigned with the engineering and supply of the network control technology for the new biopharmaceutical production plant by the Boehringer Ingelheim Regional Center Vienna (RCV). It is an honor and a challenge for F&S to confirm the reputation it has gained in its 20 years of operations at the German locations of Boehringer Ingelheim and now also at the Regional Center Vienna.

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