Munich Airport - new generation in terminal 2

In order to meet today's security requirements, 17 years after the installation by F&S, a generational change of the existing Passenger Control System (PSS) in Terminal 2 of Munich Airport became necessary. The PSS controls and monitors passenger traffic between gate and aircraft or bus during the boarding or de-boarding process.

Photo: ©Flughafen München GmbH

With this project, F&S has successfully implemented the demanding task of replacing active PSS components such as PLC sub-centres, servers and workstations during ongoing productive operation.

24 passenger boarding bridges were prepared bridge by bridge during the day, with new components, rebuilt at night after the last aircraft was handled and subjected to a functional test before resuming regular operations. This narrow time window could only be mastered by testing all functionalities on a self-sufficient test system. With the help of this test system, which had already proved its worth during the construction of the new satellite building of Terminal 2, errors, whether in the software or in the procedures of the planned aircraft handling processes, can be localised and eliminated before the system is put into operation.

We have replaced a critical system during operation without this leading to significant disruptions in availability and/or function. We met the migration schedule and rebuilt each passenger boarding bridge within 24 hours as planned. The optimal preparation, including detailed preliminary tests in Dohna, contributed significantly to this.

The new PSS optimally meets the needs of users at AVVZ and AVTT. The PSS plays a central role in ensuring that boarding and de-boarding operations are completed on time and in compliance with all safety regulations.

(Project Manager Terminal 2 Gesellschaft)

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