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Research and development

Pioneering the solutions of tomorrow.

Innovation - for the highest customer value - is what drives us.

In a series of research and development projects, the products of tomorrow are being investigated.


Multi-level medium-voltage converter - "MLUoff"

The "Multi-level Medium-voltage Converter for Offshore Wind Turbines” research project is being conducted in conjunction with our project partners SEMIKRON Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG and the Technical University of Dresden. This project is centered around a cell-based, four-quadrant converter that is scalable within a broad voltage and power range.

Excitation systems

and XD exciter devices provide – globally – for safe, efficient, reliable operation of synchronous motors rated one MW or higher, and of generators rated up to the three-digit megawatt range. For over 20 years now, our systems have been used to operate drives and generators in power plants, ships, trains, and industrial installations for frequencies from 16.7 to over 100 Hz – for special applications up to 400 Hz.


We offer our know-how for solving your problems. Be it for optimization of your power electronics systems, control engineering, or for system-wide analysis of EMC and filtering: our experience, as well as diverse capability for simulation and tools for development, are at your service. Contact us today – it would be our pleasure to support you with the development of your products or projects.

SysDL 2.0 - System-level services for distribution networks

F&S is working together with distribution and transmission network operators, industry partners, and research organizations on an interdisciplinary research project on distributed delivery of system services from distribution networks. We developed the “data turntable” based on a CIM-CGMES data model (Common Information Model + Common Grid Model Exchange Specification) with flexible protocol adapters (z.B. ENSO via CIM-V12) in addition to an ESB (enterprise service bus) for standardized exchange between internal and external applications. This provides the data framework which enables the field test demonstrators installed by our cooperation partners ENSO and MITNETZ. The system solution is ready for follow-up work in customer projects..

Further information on this project.

Medium-voltage topologies

Our power electronics solutions are based solely on our own developments, ranging from drive units for thyristors and IGBTs, various air and liquid cooled power modules in the PM series, all the way to our innovative universal control platform. That’s why all the components can be selected to work together perfectly – with an eye for detail.