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optimal paths to a destination

Today’s dense networks of rails and roads provide people and goods with the means to reach their destinations, not to mention the less visible networks connecting airports. In these fields, automation systems serve to safeguard transportation and traffic routes, as well as to optimize the flow of traffic.

In order to update and expand services without interruptions, control and automation systems must provide advanced capabilities for testing and simulation. These capabilities are also important for training operating personnel to respond quickly to disruptions and catastrophic events.

In this very delicate field, we are your competent partner for delivering custom-fit automation solutions which will stand the test of time.

Areas of expertise

Leittechnik und Automatisierung für Tunnel


The approximately 400 road tunnels in Germany are among the safest in the world. Regular revisions keep the relevant safety standards in line with the latest findings in the field. Our control systems are designed in accordance with these standards to monitor tunnel safety systems including power supply, lighting, ventilation, and fire detection and extinguishing. Imminent hazards can be rapidly localized.

Leittechnik und Automatisierung für Flughäfen


For air travel, processes and workflows both in the air and on the ground are continually being shaped to adhere to ever-increasing safety requirements. In today's world, automation technology is indispensable for regulating the flow of passengers in airports. At F&S, we deliver solutions that assure smooth flows of processes on the ground, even for increasing numbers of passengers, and when fast dynamics are required.

Leittechnik und Automatisierung für Wasserstraßen


Large-scale transportation of cargo via waterways is environmentally friendly, inexpensive, and safe. Our control and monitoring solutions are a supportive technology for administering waterways and shipping and make an important contribution to reducing operating costs.

Leittechnik und Automatisierung für Industriekomplexe

Industrial complexes

The challenges faced by today’s industry are characterized by increasing cost pressure while maintaining the highest standards of quality. F&S solutions for systems integration are designed for attaining strategic goals. ‘Optimum’ and ‘Individuality’ are the maxims of our approach when we holistically design and implement a solution.

Leittechnik und Automatisierung für Bahnanwendungen

Railway applications

Aside from being environmentally friendly, railways are also one of the safest modes of transportation, provided for by an extensive network of support infrastructure. With a portfolio ranging from the specialized generation of electrical energy with 16.7 Hz for the overhead line all the way to automated systems for de-icing of railway switches, systems for excitation, conversion, control, and monitoring of our design make sure that you arrive safely at your destination.


Related products that we offer

higher-level control technology, SCADA, control system, data management, distributed control system, TIBS-LT, TIBS


Our instrumentation and control systems are distinguished by their superb form-fitting to the individual application, as well by the consistency and clarity of the user interface and visual concept.

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A soft starter for medium voltage drives.


With our soft-starter, you can easily master the power-limitation during the start-up of medium-voltage drives.

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Medium voltage current intermediate circuit converter - TIBS MCL, LCI, load commutated inverter


With our current source converters, you can control the torque and speed of your synchronous machines with power ratings up to multiple megawatts.

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Power converter, medium voltage power converter, inverter, power converter


Our voltage source converters are based on standardized power circuit and control circuit building-blocks.

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Flagship Project

The Satellite Terminal at the Munich Airport - Safe Transportation for 11 Million Annual Passengers

The satellite terminal was built on the eastern apron of Terminal 2 as a structural extension of the baggage sorting hall. With 52 gates and a capacity of 11 million passengers per year, this "satellite" is not an independent terminal – passengers arriving and departing via the "satellite" continue to use the infrastructure of Terminal 2.

An underground, fully-automated passenger transport system provides the connection between Terminal 2 and the satellite.

Safety by Automation

For operators, the mixing of passenger flows in the security-controlled areas of airports is one of the most dreaded scenarios. The complete evacuation of entire terminals and repetition of security checks for all passengers acts to disrupt schedules and causes horrendous costs.

For the new satellite terminal, F&S assumed the responsibility of preventing such troubling scenarios, as we had done several years prior for Terminal 2 of the Munich Airport.

Fully automated and based on current flight information with which it is provided, F&S technology manages the routes of passengers from Terminal 2 and in the satellite all the way until they enter the aircraft.

Reliable coordination in complex scenarios

There are around 240 doors, 60 escalators, and 30 passenger elevators in both terminals and the underground passenger transport system that come into play for each boarding or de-boarding of an aircraft. Passenger flows must be separated according to safety guidelines for Schengen / Nonschengen, “Clean” / “Unclean”.

Passengers with connecting flights must be provided the correct route to their next flight, security personnel must be directed to the required location in critical situations, and operations centers must be alerted to any incidents or safety-relevant events.


Precise and error-free from the get-go

To make the safety management processes and passenger flows of the Munich Airport in perfect working order and without errors starting from day one, all processes were simulated in advance by F & S. This was an absolute necessity, as, due to a very tight schedule, most of the facilities involved (such as elevators and escalators) were fully functional only a few days before the satellite terminal was opened.

Beginning on the first day of operation, the aviation and security personnel had to make the right decisions and safely handle all systems. At the satellite terminal, operators were trained on a simulation system that was designed and implemented by F&S, where the behavior of then yet-to-be-built productive system were modeled 1:1.

A new record for the Munich Airport - over 42 million passengers were served at the Munich Airport in 2016.

Press release from the Munich Airport, January, 2017

We are absolutely thrilled. I believe in this case we can speak of a textbook start. We scheduled 140 flights with 20,000 passengers on the very first day.

Christian Wallner, Managing Director of the „Terminal 2-Gesellschaft“, in an interview with the Oberbayerisches Volksblatt on 27. April 2016