Power utilities

- a perfect balance of performance and availability.

Modern power plants extract energy from numerous sources. But no matter which source is used, the plants should be largely autonomous and low maintenance, and simultaneously have high efficiency and cause minimal environmental impact.

Based on these basic requirements, our engineers create solutions for a wide range of applications from the automation of turbine controls, generator excitation systems, and power plant processes all the way to outfitting of control rooms with SCADA and management systems.

Areas of expertise

Anlagenautomation und Leittechnik

System automation, instrumentation, and controls

We offer manufacturer-independent, integrated solutions based on object libraries for the generation of electricity and heat as well as for water and gas processing facilities. Our customers appreciate the high durability and maintainability of our solutions.


Plant management

Today’s energy generation facilities should operate highly autonomously and be low maintenance. However, it is important for managers to keep an eye on of the conditions of their facilities. We offer clearly structured, state-oriented monitoring solutions for your facility. Our solutions include producer management functionality which operates by means of a demand-based controller including schedules and priorities.

Maschinen- und Blockschutz Synchronisierung

Machine and block-unit protection, synchronization

Changes due to switch-gears and load distribution in the grid can have effects on the order of milliseconds. That’s why automated monitoring and protection systems are critical for successful operation. For generator protection, power plant block-unit protection, protection of auxiliary power grids, and for machine synchronization – we have the perfect solution for your needs.


Generator excitation

Modern-day excitation systems for generators have high versatility. With our excitation systems we offer an extensive portfolio, covering both brushless and static types of excitation.


Boiler protection

We design limiter systems to protect your boiler from unacceptable operating conditions based on commercially available components that fulfill SIL3 safety requirements.

Anfahrumrichter und geregelte Antriebe

Start-up converters and controlled drives

Controlled drives are a key enabling technology for energy efficiency in today’s world. F&S can plan, deliver, and commission these systems based on system requirements. Start-up converters – a special type of controlled drive – also belongs to our product portfolio.

Related products that we offer


With our current source converters, you can control the torque and speed of your synchronous machines with power ratings up to multiple megawatts.

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Our voltage source converters are based on standardized power circuit and control circuit building-blocks.

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Our excitation systems are holistic solutions for effective system operation. We adapt each system to specific customer requirements, resulting in sophisticated, user-friendly designs with high maintainability.

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Our instrumentation and control systems are distinguished by their superb form-fitting to the individual application, as well by the consistency and clarity of the user interface and visual concept.

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Flagship Project

Top-Level Control and Instrumentation System for the Offshore Wind Farm "Meerwind Süd|Ost"

The offshore wind farm "Meerwind Süd|Ost" was festively inaugurated in November of 2014, and is, as such, one of the world’s first ever offshore wind farms. Located roughly 23 km northwest of the island of Heligoland, it consists of 80 wind turbines with a total power capacity of 288 MW. This electrical power is processed by the converter platform Helwin Alpha, from whence it is transported to the German high-voltage grid.

Overview of all system components

The top-level monitoring and control system delivered by F&S under contract of WindMW GmbH, the operator of the wind farm, unifies the monitoring and control of all wind farm systems and sub-systems for instance

wind turbines including the associated medium-voltage switchgears

high, medium, and low-voltage switchgears on the substation platform

park controller and connection to Tennet, the transmission network operator

nautical safety-light systems for the substation platform and wind turbines

heating, climate, and ventilation system

cathodic corrosion protection on the substation platform and wind turbines

diesel back-up generator

video system and lighting system

In our system based on the SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture, the numerous wind farm systems are presented within one unified user interface. To satisfy the high requirements regarding system availability, the central server components are deployed redundantly, as a distributed system. The system is ready for the integration of additional wind farms.

Adaptation to operational requirements

During normal operation, the offshore wind farm "Meerwind Süd|Ost" is operated around the clock by two operators with a large-screen wall display in a control room in Bremerhaven. The system can also be operated from a backup control room at the service support center on the island of Heligoland. Furthermore, a control terminal with full functionality is located on the substation platform.

Order in a complex world of data

For the integration of the numerous systems involved, F&S conducted a standardization of communications protocols and their addressing. All subsystems are merged at one central point on the substation platform, and, when necessary, interconnected. For this task, tried-and-true components are used; in some cases, one that are used for onshore substation applications.

Preparing for a successful start

Numerous systems were tested and prepared in port to minimize the need for expensive offshore commissioning. In this way, we were able to reduce the technological risk of offshore platform installation for the system operator.

Successful transition to in-house personnel

Following the successful commissioning, the personnel of WindMW was provided with comprehensive training at F&S and in Bremerhaven in order to ensure seamless operation would proceed with in-house personnel.