Voltage regulators for traction applications, voltage regulators for on-board power supply generators

XD2T 24V

Exciter device for the excitation and monitoring of onboard power generators


An excitation device designed for the excitation and monitoring of onboard power generators.

The exciter draws energy from the 24 V battery of the onboard power grid and delivers excitation current to the brushless generator. Different excitation profiles are used for drive-mode and braking-mode. The device operating mode is controlled by the vehicle's main computer.


Supply voltage: 24 V AC

Set-point adjustment via the CAN interface

Speed-dependent excitation current






The main locomotive computer controls the exciter via the CAN bus.The voltage control function is based on a speed-voltage curve saved in controller memory.

Protection functions

Temperature monitoring, output stage

Current monitoring, output stage

Short-circuit protection, output stage

Over-voltage protection, output stage

Short-circuit protection, LEM transformer supply



Special and generator protection functions

Speed-dependent excitation current limiter

Generator temperature monitoring

Diode failure detection