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Lasting solutions for machine output panels.

Machine output panels are the crucial link between the electrical drive and the grid connection point; they are equipped with essential components for controlling and monitoring the electrical machine.

Our connection panels ensure that the required power is always available; they satisfy the most stringent requirements for quality and reliability, and they are very low maintenance.

According to project requirements, current and voltage transformers are installed for the star-point or grid sides. Additional components can include star-point handling components or an excitation transformer. Short-circuits close to the generator can enable very high currents to flow, which entails high electromagnetic forces and thermal effects. These effects can result in damage or destruction of the affected components, which is why fault scenarios are considered in the planning, simulation, and construction of the connection equipment.


Max. rated current: 3 kA

Peak current: 50 kA

Continuous short circuit current: 7.1 kA

Max. rated voltage: 20 kV

Short-duration current (AC, rms): 20 kA

Power-frequency withstand voltage: 50 kV





Indoor or outdoor installation 

Solid steel or stainless steel sheetmetal housing




Machine connection

Connection to the generator via bare or insulated busbars, or with single-core cables.

Optionally, delivery including cable conduit and the busbar or cable connections to the machine.


Ausbau und Verwendung

Application and features

3 + 1 current transformers, grid-side

3 + 1 current transformers, star-point side

3 + 1 voltage transfomers, line-to-earth

1 voltage transformer, line-to-line

Power connection, machine

Cabinet-internal star-point connection

Allocation and connection of all machine control signals via an auxiliary junction box




Typprüfung nach IEC 62271

Type test acc. to IEC 62271

IEC 62271-200

AC metal-enclosed switchgear and controlgear for rated voltages above 1 kV and up to and including 52 kV

DIN VDE 0101

Power installations exceeding AC 1 kV

DIN VDE 0141

Earthing system for special power installations with nominal voltages above 1 kV

DIN EN 60694, VDE 0670, part 1000

Common specifications for high-voltage switchgear and controlgear standards

IEC 62271-1 Sec. 6.2

Dielectric testing with the AC voltage test and lightning impulse voltage


IEC 62271-1 Sec. 6.5

Continuous current tests up to 2750 A

Criteria 1 to 5 of IEC 62271-200: 2003-11

Classification of internal arc faults



Optionen für den Ausbau

Configuration options

Star-point resistors, earthing resistors

Cable connection sockets for multi-conductor cables

Filter capacitors

Surge protection devices