A device with the image TIBS-EC1.


Power Plant Controller


The application focus of our power plant controller is on block heat and power plants as well as entire energy parks with various power generation plants and auxiliary power supply. The RTU basis also enables integration into switchgear control technology.

As the first park controller certified on the basis of Siemens products, the EC1 is particularly characterized by its high level of IT security and offers you a standard-compliant basis for solution-oriented feed-in management at various grid interconnection points.


Basic configuration, modularly expandable:

  • up to 5 x Interface TCPIP
  • up to 5 x Interface serial
  • various protocols
  • IO extensions central / decentral

Operating voltage: 24 up to 220 V DC

Voltage measurement: 10 V up to 250 V / 16,7 Hz / 50 Hz / 60 Hz

Current measurement: 0,5 A up to 6 A /  16,7 Hz / 50 Hz / 60 Hz




VDE-AR-N 4110

VDE-AR-N 4120 (under preparation)

FGW Technische Richtlinie Nr. 8 Rev. 9



Global features

prioritized setpoint distribution to generator units incl. dispatcher

  • up to 3 cluster (e. g. primary energy source)
  • 2 modes (e. g. utilization maximum / equal distribution)

Special features

Functionality general procedure:

  • Fault handling communication / system hardware
  • Switching of controller modes
  • Limiting functions
  • Setpoint prioritization
  • Intelligent setpoint sharing for power plant controllers with multiple power generation units

Functionality setpoint method

Acitve power

  • Setpoint P-control

Reactive power (control method switchable)

  • Setpoint cos phi control
  • Reactive power setpoint (Q-control) with / without voltage limitation function
  • Characeristic Q(P)-control
  • Integration of external components (e.g. compensation systems)





extension / integration

  • higher-level and direct plant control
  • Switchgear control
  • Grid and plant protection