Point heating system, point heating system, de-icing of rails


The perfect dose of heat on the tracks.

Railroad switch heating systems are supportive technology. They provide for smooth operation of switches under icy, snowy winter conditions; thus, they are essential for the functionality and safety of rail transportation.

To guarantee the highest availability, the autonomous electrical railroad switch heating systems should be continuously monitoring using remote access.

Due to the large variety of installation types, maintenance and power requirements are important cost factors. The structure of railway management regarding personnel and operational management is undergoing changes. With this is mind, we offer sophisticated, innovative solutions with our electric railroad switch heating system.




Industrial PC based control with integrated on-location operation, diagnosis, and archives


Sensors with high accuracy and repeatability for air and track temperature, as well as precipitation type and intensity


Modular, distributed system with easy adaptation to site conditions

Hybrid switching unit

Low loss, long life hybrid switching unit for short switching cycle times, for fast, precise control

Zero maintenance

Zero or very low maintenance components, no vibrations due to in-cabinet contactor switching

Smart controls

An intelligent control scheme which accounts for precipitation intensity


Deutsche Bahn AG

Technical approval from Deutsche Bahn AG






Electric railroad heating installations are connected using TCP/IP over various transmission medium types with the control and monitoring systems of the technical operation points, from whence they can be integrated into the management structures of the railroad operator.




Modern control concept

Our rail heating systems provide for efficient use of the installed heating elements by means of a modern control concept, based on modern measurement equipment. The control scheme follows current weather conditions exactly with a minimum of hysteresis. Practically lossless hybrid switching units with a long lifetime guarantee perfect dosing of heating power onto the tracks.

Reduced operating costs

In addition to a continual self-diagnosis of the complete system, self-diagnoses are carried out on the decentralized heating circuits for early detection of incipient disturbances. This innovative concept significantly reduces the operating costs of railroad heating systems, regarding both energy and maintenance costs.

30 % lower energy usage

In comparison with centralized contactor systems, approx. 30 % less energy is used.