Voltage source converter for low voltage applications

Our voltage source converters offer you highest performance within the low voltage range

With our LC3, we close the gap between low-voltage and medium-voltage converters. The advantages of both worlds are combined: With a maximum nominal voltage of 1000 V, the converter system still falls under the low-voltage directive. So there is no personnel specially trained for medium voltage required. The modular system offers a multitude of options for implementing special applications.


Variable inverter system for connecting asynchronous, synchronous and direct current machines, multi-motor systems, active mains rectifiers, mains couplings, etc.

Three-point converter within the Low Voltage Directive

Maximum rated current: 1,5 kA

Maximum rated voltage: 1,0 kV



Remote controlled via a large selection of standard communication protocols or alternatively via a galvanic interface.

For the initial overview, the control indicator lights are placed in the door for status display, optionally including touch panel.

Parameterization and display of all internal variables with full resolution and sampling rate via programming software EM.


Multi engine systems (common DC bus)

Very high output frequencies (>250 Hz) for fast rotating machines

Integration of DC generators and consumers (eg photovoltaic, batteries, DC machines)

Active mains rectifier and mains couplings



Erweiterte Feldautomation, Maschinenüberwachung und -schutz

Erweiterte Bedieneinheit für Einzelanlagen oder Antriebsgruppen bis zum übergeordneten SCADA-System

Kommunikationsschnittstelle PROFINET, MODBUS TCP, IEC 60870-5-104, IEC 61850 u. a.